Ulfhednar Vikingr England                            

                                                                                                                Based in Haworth West Yorkshire


On our front page is a video which I named sabeton swedish pagans this is the band whose music is used here.
The warriors are all part of the Vikings. my Lord Ulfstan Ragnar of mercia is in this battle. As are many others known to us, this event was in wales and concerned prince guthram.

Training Weekend. Dates are 30 March to 2nd April, camping available this is the one event of the year I will expect members to make an effort to take part in, please see Viking website for details and directions.

Viking Festival  June 26th to 30th heysham lanc,s medium show

Jully 19,20th  Kelmarsh multi period show

July 29th  Training at field site in Thornton..this is every sunday 11am to 2pm then of course we get beer.

August 24th to 26th Lindesfarne priory Major show we leave on friggas day folks

Sept 7th to 8th Largs north ayreshire scotland Major 

Sept 21st to  22nd  Stamford bridge.

Nov re-enactors fayre