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Posted by Ethne on January 23, 2020 at 5:45 PM
We have changed and moved so now we train at Bradford Industrial museum from 1pm to 3pm we are found near the viking blacksmith or in the cafe. We have now done three minor shows of our own we did Bolin hall twice and Industrial museum once we may want do another but we dont have any money left right now so am applying for grant from council to get started properly. Hopefully with advertisement we will get more people as our group only has six members so far. We were in a group with 28 members before so training was more fun. But all new groups grow slowly we are told or not at all dont get me wrong people take a leaflet from the Smith say yeah will come next week really want do it mate But they never are seen again. Maybe it's the tall silly man with a beard or is it our half naked Celt or red headed smiler. Or maybe me l can be very scary with a bearded axe and sword. Taught myself naal binding over winter, actually made two hats plus gloves and now socks l must say l felt great, never been much for crafts being only female in with men. But now l have another female to play at crafts with. However warrior is in my blood and it's this that makes me feel fabulous. Smiler would run around me in circles trying poke me with his axe, l would stand still watch him then suddenly attack him saying hey red head you want fight me come on fight stop playing stupid. He would try fight me but l dont backed l like pushing forward he ran away said to Ulfstan hide me from her, shes dangerous with that sword and axe take them off her send her do sewing. Ulfstan said mate if it worries you take it away l dare you. I just glared at smiler he just slinked off to play with our halfdann Well l need change all these pages now as have more pictures and this yearz events so far to put up , we have a facebook page for our members called simply ULFHEDNAR We want to do a show at the museum but we need money to go ahead we can use the paddock but there are things we need in order make the show good we fid get ourselves our firebox and lanterns and our getald so we have most of the big stuff it's the other stuff we need now l I will try update this site this weekend make it look better

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