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The sea chest

Posted by Ethne on June 24, 2015 at 4:40 PM
The sea chest had been begun it seemed to be a pile of just wood laying about the place for ages making a mess, l moaned about this mess as we needed 3 sea chests a fire pit tables benches and of course a nice seat for me. plus the tents sorting out. If l was sewing my fingers off in making kit for 6 warriors the least they could do was make the LHE stuff. I wasn't demanding much l was paying for it after all. But the wood sat there and sat there and sat there all winter, past york,past whitby, then suddenly the blacksmith started to whinge as well, because the nails and hinges were ready for the sea chest but no sea chest no fire pit he had made the nails latch hinges the clasp the tripod the flag holder the spit the weapons holder but the other lads 5 of them together no sea chests benches or fire pit shame on them so my husband puts a chest together takes it upto the blacksmith and together the two perfectionists work, now this was a day watching them work, the fuss they made about the wood the joins the alignment the building and construction of the item. But the finished thing is so beautiful it's a work of art.well worth the wait in gold now we have the bench mark to measure future chests by. All our other chest must be as good or better than this rushed one. rushed as in done in a day once taken upto lan. But not rushed as in waited 6 months for wood to turn into a blank box.with lid. But still no fire box we have the wood waiting at the forge we have wood for seats standing in my lounge Question is When will l have my other things buts let's take a look shall we at my list 1 sword strap 2 years 2 shield strap 9 months 3 fire box 9 months 4 sea chests 9 months 5 seats 12 months 6 seaxs done by Ian weeks 7 leather sheaths ? 8 handles ? 9 shields boss? 10. shield 9 months Long spear shaft 1 year short spear shaft 1 year So even though the wood the leather the tools the equipment the money and skill exists to do the work for the jobs and some of what l asked for would take minutes to make l haven't got yet but let's see he has got now his belt breaks it's repaired my belt has broken 6 months ago l say my buckle is loose it needs fixing can you do it Yeah yeah yeah But l am still wearing a broken belt like l am still waiting for the other items yet they want their kit maybe l ought put the prices up till l get my stuff.

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