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Posted by Ethne on June 18, 2015 at 1:40 AM
we traveled to Whitby the directions had from North or South but not from west or east as we entered Whitby we stopped looked up and the monestary was high up so the lads simply headed upwards. We got there it is a beautiful place. We set up camp, having driven that morning 125 miles a cross many counties. Just as the lads had got our camp up it was muster for that days skirmish, Kendal in full battle kit looked at my men sitting around and said well, my thegn said they had just traveled Heath rivers and crossed over much lands to get here he didn't expect them to fight as well without food or ale or pay. They sat about drinking ale that day, The next day they were up ready and the battle captains comment was oh your awake today then, and you remembered weapons. The lads just smiled for this battle captain was and is one of YDdraig where they trained. The skirmish over it was time for the actors to sort out the story lines for that day . They asked one of my new guys did he fancy trying some acting did he fancy playing someone Who was simple who couldn't work of do anything who ate grass off the floor. He said no I will Watch today thanks. Later on he admitted he was glad he didn't when he watched the Scene unfold. I played a mother whose son was a drunk he had to marry the poor girl had to tend The farm so had to wear trousers against Saxon laws. But she couldn't clean the pigs out dressed as a lady It simply wouldn't do to ruin her gowns. He was always getting into fights, this time he was around When a their had stolen a purse from a rich man, he was brought before the Lord and as he had only 2 children Who would plead his case, but the money and the jewels were found on his person he was executed thrown From the walls of the monestary. Swift justice my son caused a fight I had to defend him with my daughter in law, The stupid boy crawled around eating dirt, making silly noises and pulled at people's clothes, they believed anyone who was slight of mind Was protected by Woden so the Saxons wouldn't had a person like this. Because they believed that the gods sometimes played the fool To test the people's actions but as the place was now Christian these people didn't protect this poor man they saw hi as a waste of food and water A Kansas dragged in by soldiers said to be a spy for the Vikings said to have relics from lindesfarne upon him Strange that as it was a few years later so surely he would have spent his share on mead or other such things They decided they would force baptise him as Christian before killing him so he couldn't go Valhalla Just as they poured water over bs head the Vikings burst in shouting to let go of this man, they killed The monks took several as slaves putting metal collars on them dragging them off, can you imagine the fear of these young men Chained and dragged off to see there brothers slaughtered without mercy, to watch a battle So fierce where two more brothers and some other hostages were killed and tossed aside because they were weak I had a book thrown at me it was pretty with gold fastenings I was just going to look at it when I was told, that The Vikings would kill me if they saw me with it, as it was a Christian icon. I dropped it all the pages fell out I said but can't I just keep the gold. No leave it it's nasty A Saxon woman scooped up the pages into her bag, they were pretty. But why worship a dead God. When ours walk Amongst us. They killed him then they decide worship him as a white Christ, when he was t even white at all he was more Arab than anything So he ought be called the brown Christ. I enjoyed kicking my drunk son poor man getting dragged off by women both days. But that's what I like the scenes are so Different so varied one day your playing a du dreaded/seer next a mother who can't feed her children Who eve the Lord of the land take them in. Next a lady who owns land with slaves seeking a marriage It's so varied so different so you get used to playing many roles Now I help new actors learn to enhance their natural flow. I help test them. The weekend was great Ulfstan killed the king, next day they said oh surprised your still alive But the king was t dead after all by magick he was back again sorting out a tent with my lads Whilst I had sneaked off for a well earned break.

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