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Posted by Ethne on August 31, 2013 at 5:40 PM
We returned from a glorious time in Lindesfarne where we were about half mile walk to the priory from plastic camp. We arrived saturday morning about 11am the show opened that morning at 10am so after we were set up and dressed in kit we took part in the afternoon events. Ulfstan ragnar of mercia fought for the Northumberland king . I Did water carrying all three dayz and one day took part in acting as I had not pre arranged to Take part in the action prior to event. Startrek was very ill we attended the quietest Allthing ever known to me vikings not quibbling with the king. And high council. Mind u it was bobs birthday party that night I was drunk by 10pm and fell asleep not waking till morning. Saturday was terrible it rained most of day and night. Sunday came bringing with it sunshine and dry land. We had mead and to be honest the celtic mead was nicer than lindesfarne mead. The priory was nicely set out as a viking village full of crafts going on even a blacksmith which was nice to see anyway .mickey played a captive saxon woman and the berserker needed holding back

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