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Posted by Ethne on August 19, 2013 at 2:50 PM

We have been training each weekend for a few weeks now and it feels very good. I hadnt realised how much I had improved as a fighter till we began training again So thanks to YDdrtaig for the training folks we miss you all.
Anyway we have been teaching another member warrior stuff, he knows a lot being from Denmark but hey he still does some of the stuff we did as new warriors the bobbing a mate of mine mickey used to do it all the time. and over reaching as well. its funny being a teacher/trainer of others as you notice the stuff you yourself got wrong as well. when you started to fight.
We also found we needed to  take rests often the weight of the shield was taking getting used to again. but we taught shield wall last week and formation stuff now regards to our army the military when I said right wheel they knew anyway so that went well. and then when charing in at the wall they managed to look pretty scared but they held which is also very good.

we are away this weekend at Lindesfarne So no training at the fields this week.

Am looking forward to going having just had a weekend away with family which has been very good I enjoyed baking lob sided chocolate cake. it was lobsided because my grand daughter said nana I had to eat some as it was very chocolaty so my tummy wanted some. ok I said but look we only got half acake for one side now thats not what we had before. I know she said but wehave ben eating it  never mind I said. the party was great singing bon jovi songs with my teenage grandkids and being told the present was wicked made it good for me I had bought the right things.
the kids  and adults had a good time and there was very tired little ones on the way back, got inside about to underess jarod and oops he went out cold so we still underessed him and put to bed even morgan was so tired because she started to do the sulking stuff about where to sit down. by 7pm both kids out cold and mummy too.

we enjoyed a chat and some reading lads played on xbox and by 10pm I was done in needed my bed. 
back home it was madness monday I had to get up early get tablets because had ran out and neded make sure they were done, had time to go see my friends in keighley but we had to take the car to the garage we thought it was wheel bearings but for the cost of £40 we get told a piece of metal had attached to the  wheel and was makiing the noise so nothing serious anyways as we need travel friday.

my week is busy but its not about money making its about getting things in order visiting my sick friend and making sure hes getting the right attention to heal. these pagan folk dont really like modern stuff. I have to admit that things are feeling very weird  5 foodbanks now in the toiwn 3 miles away have seen a 76% rise in need..

whilst people begin to starve to death our government are giving billions away that are unaccounted for  to africa iran iraq and other very dubious places with nasty people in them but hey lets gove them another few billion soend on weapons of destruction and lets teach them all english so they can come here.

its getting very close is the revolution of peasants the divide between south and north is getting very wide and northen folks do not like how they are being treated even working people are struggling so for business here its bad times we are not making money we have lots of people  but no sales 
I plan to take with me some kit to sell make some money whilst away.

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