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Posted by Ethne on July 27, 2013 at 12:05 AM

We spent a nice day at Thornton surveying what needed doing to the land we are permitted to use by the owner for training ground which is very nice of Ian to do so. But he is a member so we will just say Ta ..

We walked to the fields there is 5 acres of this land. Which Ian has a project in mind for some of it. However he did say we could have a Viking hall there if we can get the funding in place to build it.

We went to see the old Sun inn a very old worldly place closed and bought by Ian a while ago anyway it needs a few skips to get rid of rubbish so we can make it a nice private hall to hold parties and a banquet which is my idea.

But I want a Viking banquet once or twice a year so I want a high table and two side tables in Viking style. Plus Mead of course now we need to brew this so that’s 6 months brewing time . in the mean time we aim to get the wiring sorted and the pumps running and buy in some real ale.

When its cleared it can be painted to look nice but we may need to get planning permission for any changes we want to the intenal areas. Most of it is clearing it out. Then we can hold a garage sale to sell unwanted items.

I will take photos to show how we are getting on with this project as I have rounded up another volunteer for August

So we begin Tomorrow


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