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Posted by Ethne on November 21, 2012 at 7:35 PM
Now members have kit some kit thats ok we need to focus over winter at getting the rest of your kitsorted because you will need pass kit check before you can do a show Shoes are very important and worth paying for I suggest you look for shoes with a good leather sole on them and remember you need to wear socks I will teach you how to nailbind them but in the meantime woollen socks will do . Cloaks are essential mineare made from two wollen blankets stitched together then turned out. We also need you over winter to procur for yourselvez bowls drinking horns cups and spoons asxwell as a sharp knife and wooden cutting board we have found much stuff locally you then need a chest in which to place your stuff. So you are always ready to go . We are doing craft training sessions over winter so you can learn some of the crafts you can also learn these at training weekend I will get dates for you so u can choose what events you can go to. We need to attend training weekend as this is where you can choose what weapon you want to use in battle. We want to go the re-ebactors fayre in march as we can buy stuff there we need. I plan on gettinga few things I need myself. About kit I would like to say that the colours you are allowed goes with rank having said this it was always ths rule that the owner of slaves fed clothed and sheltered them so it would not be unusual to see a slave in a red dresz but for thralls colours are normally pale yellows cremes and greens browns beiges I have a chart of all the colours and how they are made. I will also show u some herbal mixes that make nice colours nature has everything we need However in winter mych is buried or withered away so a wash in dye is acceptable. You need pouchez simple ones to start u can buy better later on once you have a full set of kit. You then build up your wardrobe by making more better class stuff. Now we are into barteringservicez here so any skill you have can be bartered against another. For example I sewn dressez for two members they pay me either in goldsilver or in embrodery for my new drezz and marks new kirtel a fair trade I think.

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