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yorkshire dilect

Posted by Ethne on November 13, 2012 at 8:30 AM
It appears that the vikings not only entered via northumbria but down from scotland via river thor into the network of pathways. And down via york into the small crofts and villages turning the best sites into thriving trading posts. Thurso being one of themas well as wick pronounced with a v not w. As they needed to trade the dropped the endings from words so our dialect Is oft the same for example yesterday the conversation with the delivery man. That thre thng aint going int thre lass it jus aint going to go int door ole. So u see in yorkshire we automatically slip into the ole way o speak g when faced wi someat old or somun talkng that ways..many words are still used ere today and no the way I am writing is not terrible english its not meant to be its the way the vikings altered the words to be able yo trade as they travelled The purpose is to say many words we use may have come from various places as I doubt ther aint no englsh ere or abouts as they may be mxed wi saxone viking norman celt picts and wh knows what else flwed downt rivers. Aye and nay are used here. A lot.

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