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Scroggling the holy

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haworth has its own particular events that help fund the village scroggling the holy meeting was today  it was a bit disorgansied with kids running about this year we are short of boys so the only 2 were picked as escorts to the holy queen, she had two handmaidens and the crown and the church gates key is held by her attendants.

meetings and me

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Today was the oddest day ever I was up early but I was naturally awake I was going to a meeting called the tea and chat group My GP is getting ,me out of the house to help overcome my depression. Which has been  getting gradually worse with the prognoisis of a lifetime in this pain. BUT as they say every cloud has a silver lining and today it did the group is normally about 10 people  but today it was 20 the dowmside was we had only 1 hour which by the time we had made tea for 20 people and the police meant 22 took about  20 minutes So she did her talk which was very informative and well pit together we got  very valuable information from her and a present as well I now have a coin for shopping trolleys and a marker for property and I have a warning lable to remind me of locking up..

 I did think the room was more relaxed less formal but we did not get a chance  to actually  speak till we had gone into the caf but ioe below where we had to buy tea and then chat amongst  ourselves  which was very revealing 

I actually went straight to the gym  and I have done very well I felt proud of ,myself because I actually enjoyed the ME time .


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Well did you know that Vikings can sulk  well Ulfstan can and he can pull his lips down too he was late home and missed the fireworks and bonfire we had planned to go to due to traffic  so he was in a mood because he likes fireworks and the last three years we have always been at Tutbury Castle doing our Vike show with YDdraig whom we were members of before we set up this new group. YDdraig was the group we belonged to in 1992 to 2002  we were also in the Cnichts of St Chad as well we then did |Regia Anglorum Stuff as well as Vike.

Regia had more local stuff then Vikings back then but now its swopped about a bit excepting that they dont work together at some Majors now each having there own now .. So if we want to do Yorvik in Febuary we have to join regia but they have a weird rule that one group runs the WHOLE OF YORKSHIRE.  mad they said we had to join the group based in HULL  over 100 miles away from ius  we explained we are near YORK but hey they use sat navs now not maps so distance is relative not actual. I mailed them several times to state where we are and what we want but some snotty woman said she had told us what to do join the group who cover Yorkshire.. I told her to XXXX herself sideways Sorry  So I do not know if we ought to join for the weekend so we can do York BUT Yorvik is a huge show and we had better book hotels NOW if we are going because YORK gets packed out ..

The  Danes and Swedes come over and they stay in hotels so no matter what B& B you are in there will be some Danes its fun  and there kit check is ace they stamp your hand LOL  you can always sleep in the scout hut on first come first served but hotels are better not too far from training field and bar  because getting dressed and walking down  is ok as long as your not walking the length of York 

In 1996 to 2002 every year  and in 2002 a man called the battle captian stood on this field and we had taken an hour to get dressed andf walked to this field he said put your stuff down and run round field 3 times. I watched warriors taking off chainmail gamison and laying all thier weapons on the ground and obeying him no complaints till I walked in and he told me to do same and I stood there in my KIT and said NO  The man looked at me a bit put out 20 people were huffing and puffing around this huge field  I just stood in full kit and said NO  he said WHY? I said because I dont feel like it right now  I came to fight not to play jogging. and I dont do getting kit off  for anyone..

I am very expensive  you cannot afford me because I only take GOLD afterall I am a viking ...

he did not know what to do he just looked at me and said well OK ...Gold it is ! and gave me one coin I said you have got to be kidding I said I was expensive not cheap ...

anyway same day  we had done two skimishes and won and during one of them my left hand had got hurt it comes to main battle of the day and  my hand had swollen up I was finding holding my shield hard I said to our group leader my hand is painful and I cant hold my shield so in sheild wall I will be the weakest point  He said well sit over there with the women then and watch I said NO I am fighting so he said then do not whinge at me get in the dam line  take your shield and be a warrior..  so we fought the priests walked about the christian line and said prayers for them  we just shouted at them.  at the end of that battle I was still alive and so walked about collected my money from our leader and then swopped shields and walked to the priest and said pay me pay me now he gave me 3 saxoin coins to I then went back and showed the others I had six coin now not three they said how and earth have you got saxon money and viking money  I said because I am not as stupid as you  Look  and showed them the shield before I handed it back to the dead man laying on the floor.. 


the march through town with our lit torches was ace but hard work because it was so crowded and then at the boat burning as you threw your torch to the boat you then turned your back so death did not take you it was ace till I fiund out when I threw my torch I lost my wedding ring as well 

I was so upset but we couldnt look for it till morning because of the amount of people on the field In the morning we went back and the gods must have favoured me because it was laying near the burnt out boat ashes ..

I really enjoy Yorvik