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Posted by Ethne on January 23, 2020 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)
We have changed and moved so now we train at Bradford Industrial museum from 1pm to 3pm we are found near the viking blacksmith or in the cafe. We have now done three minor shows of our own we did Bolin hall twice and Industrial museum once we may want do another but we dont have any money left right now so am applying for grant from council to get started properly. Hopefully with advertisement we will get more people as our group only has six members so far. We were in a group with 28 members before so training was more fun. But all new groups grow slowly we are told or not at all dont get me wrong people take a leaflet from the Smith say yeah will come next week really want do it mate But they never are seen again. Maybe it's the tall silly man with a beard or is it our half naked Celt or red headed smiler. Or maybe me l can be very scary with a bearded axe and sword. Taught myself naal binding over winter, actually made two hats plus gloves and now socks l must say l felt great, never been much for crafts being only female in with men. But now l have another female to play at crafts with. However warrior is in my blood and it's this that makes me feel fabulous. Smiler would run around me in circles trying poke me with his axe, l would stand still watch him then suddenly attack him saying hey red head you want fight me come on fight stop playing stupid. He would try fight me but l dont backed l like pushing forward he ran away said to Ulfstan hide me from her, shes dangerous with that sword and axe take them off her send her do sewing. Ulfstan said mate if it worries you take it away l dare you. I just glared at smiler he just slinked off to play with our halfdann Well l need change all these pages now as have more pictures and this yearz events so far to put up , we have a facebook page for our members called simply ULFHEDNAR We want to do a show at the museum but we need money to go ahead we can use the paddock but there are things we need in order make the show good we fid get ourselves our firebox and lanterns and our getald so we have most of the big stuff it's the other stuff we need now l I will try update this site this weekend make it look better

The sea chest

Posted by Ethne on June 24, 2015 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)
The sea chest had been begun it seemed to be a pile of just wood laying about the place for ages making a mess, l moaned about this mess as we needed 3 sea chests a fire pit tables benches and of course a nice seat for me. plus the tents sorting out. If l was sewing my fingers off in making kit for 6 warriors the least they could do was make the LHE stuff. I wasn't demanding much l was paying for it after all. But the wood sat there and sat there and sat there all winter, past york,past whitby, then suddenly the blacksmith started to whinge as well, because the nails and hinges were ready for the sea chest but no sea chest no fire pit he had made the nails latch hinges the clasp the tripod the flag holder the spit the weapons holder but the other lads 5 of them together no sea chests benches or fire pit shame on them so my husband puts a chest together takes it upto the blacksmith and together the two perfectionists work, now this was a day watching them work, the fuss they made about the wood the joins the alignment the building and construction of the item. But the finished thing is so beautiful it's a work of art.well worth the wait in gold now we have the bench mark to measure future chests by. All our other chest must be as good or better than this rushed one. rushed as in done in a day once taken upto lan. But not rushed as in waited 6 months for wood to turn into a blank box.with lid. But still no fire box we have the wood waiting at the forge we have wood for seats standing in my lounge Question is When will l have my other things buts let's take a look shall we at my list 1 sword strap 2 years 2 shield strap 9 months 3 fire box 9 months 4 sea chests 9 months 5 seats 12 months 6 seaxs done by Ian weeks 7 leather sheaths ? 8 handles ? 9 shields boss? 10. shield 9 months Long spear shaft 1 year short spear shaft 1 year So even though the wood the leather the tools the equipment the money and skill exists to do the work for the jobs and some of what l asked for would take minutes to make l haven't got yet but let's see he has got now his belt breaks it's repaired my belt has broken 6 months ago l say my buckle is loose it needs fixing can you do it Yeah yeah yeah But l am still wearing a broken belt like l am still waiting for the other items yet they want their kit maybe l ought put the prices up till l get my stuff.


Posted by Ethne on June 18, 2015 at 1:40 AM Comments comments (0)
we traveled to Whitby the directions had from North or South but not from west or east as we entered Whitby we stopped looked up and the monestary was high up so the lads simply headed upwards. We got there it is a beautiful place. We set up camp, having driven that morning 125 miles a cross many counties. Just as the lads had got our camp up it was muster for that days skirmish, Kendal in full battle kit looked at my men sitting around and said well, my thegn said they had just traveled Heath rivers and crossed over much lands to get here he didn't expect them to fight as well without food or ale or pay. They sat about drinking ale that day, The next day they were up ready and the battle captains comment was oh your awake today then, and you remembered weapons. The lads just smiled for this battle captain was and is one of YDdraig where they trained. The skirmish over it was time for the actors to sort out the story lines for that day . They asked one of my new guys did he fancy trying some acting did he fancy playing someone Who was simple who couldn't work of do anything who ate grass off the floor. He said no I will Watch today thanks. Later on he admitted he was glad he didn't when he watched the Scene unfold. I played a mother whose son was a drunk he had to marry the poor girl had to tend The farm so had to wear trousers against Saxon laws. But she couldn't clean the pigs out dressed as a lady It simply wouldn't do to ruin her gowns. He was always getting into fights, this time he was around When a their had stolen a purse from a rich man, he was brought before the Lord and as he had only 2 children Who would plead his case, but the money and the jewels were found on his person he was executed thrown From the walls of the monestary. Swift justice my son caused a fight I had to defend him with my daughter in law, The stupid boy crawled around eating dirt, making silly noises and pulled at people's clothes, they believed anyone who was slight of mind Was protected by Woden so the Saxons wouldn't had a person like this. Because they believed that the gods sometimes played the fool To test the people's actions but as the place was now Christian these people didn't protect this poor man they saw hi as a waste of food and water A Kansas dragged in by soldiers said to be a spy for the Vikings said to have relics from lindesfarne upon him Strange that as it was a few years later so surely he would have spent his share on mead or other such things They decided they would force baptise him as Christian before killing him so he couldn't go Valhalla Just as they poured water over bs head the Vikings burst in shouting to let go of this man, they killed The monks took several as slaves putting metal collars on them dragging them off, can you imagine the fear of these young men Chained and dragged off to see there brothers slaughtered without mercy, to watch a battle So fierce where two more brothers and some other hostages were killed and tossed aside because they were weak I had a book thrown at me it was pretty with gold fastenings I was just going to look at it when I was told, that The Vikings would kill me if they saw me with it, as it was a Christian icon. I dropped it all the pages fell out I said but can't I just keep the gold. No leave it it's nasty A Saxon woman scooped up the pages into her bag, they were pretty. But why worship a dead God. When ours walk Amongst us. They killed him then they decide worship him as a white Christ, when he was t even white at all he was more Arab than anything So he ought be called the brown Christ. I enjoyed kicking my drunk son poor man getting dragged off by women both days. But that's what I like the scenes are so Different so varied one day your playing a du dreaded/seer next a mother who can't feed her children Who eve the Lord of the land take them in. Next a lady who owns land with slaves seeking a marriage It's so varied so different so you get used to playing many roles Now I help new actors learn to enhance their natural flow. I help test them. The weekend was great Ulfstan killed the king, next day they said oh surprised your still alive But the king was t dead after all by magick he was back again sorting out a tent with my lads Whilst I had sneaked off for a well earned break.


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We returned from a glorious time in Lindesfarne where we were about half mile walk to the priory from plastic camp. We arrived saturday morning about 11am the show opened that morning at 10am so after we were set up and dressed in kit we took part in the afternoon events. Ulfstan ragnar of mercia fought for the Northumberland king . I Did water carrying all three dayz and one day took part in acting as I had not pre arranged to Take part in the action prior to event. Startrek was very ill we attended the quietest Allthing ever known to me vikings not quibbling with the king. And high council. Mind u it was bobs birthday party that night I was drunk by 10pm and fell asleep not waking till morning. Saturday was terrible it rained most of day and night. Sunday came bringing with it sunshine and dry land. We had mead and to be honest the celtic mead was nicer than lindesfarne mead. The priory was nicely set out as a viking village full of crafts going on even a blacksmith which was nice to see anyway .mickey played a captive saxon woman and the berserker needed holding back


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We have been training each weekend for a few weeks now and it feels very good. I hadnt realised how much I had improved as a fighter till we began training again So thanks to YDdrtaig for the training folks we miss you all.
Anyway we have been teaching another member warrior stuff, he knows a lot being from Denmark but hey he still does some of the stuff we did as new warriors the bobbing a mate of mine mickey used to do it all the time. and over reaching as well. its funny being a teacher/trainer of others as you notice the stuff you yourself got wrong as well. when you started to fight.
We also found we needed to  take rests often the weight of the shield was taking getting used to again. but we taught shield wall last week and formation stuff now regards to our army the military when I said right wheel they knew anyway so that went well. and then when charing in at the wall they managed to look pretty scared but they held which is also very good.

we are away this weekend at Lindesfarne So no training at the fields this week.

Am looking forward to going having just had a weekend away with family which has been very good I enjoyed baking lob sided chocolate cake. it was lobsided because my grand daughter said nana I had to eat some as it was very chocolaty so my tummy wanted some. ok I said but look we only got half acake for one side now thats not what we had before. I know she said but wehave ben eating it  never mind I said. the party was great singing bon jovi songs with my teenage grandkids and being told the present was wicked made it good for me I had bought the right things.
the kids  and adults had a good time and there was very tired little ones on the way back, got inside about to underess jarod and oops he went out cold so we still underessed him and put to bed even morgan was so tired because she started to do the sulking stuff about where to sit down. by 7pm both kids out cold and mummy too.

we enjoyed a chat and some reading lads played on xbox and by 10pm I was done in needed my bed. 
back home it was madness monday I had to get up early get tablets because had ran out and neded make sure they were done, had time to go see my friends in keighley but we had to take the car to the garage we thought it was wheel bearings but for the cost of £40 we get told a piece of metal had attached to the  wheel and was makiing the noise so nothing serious anyways as we need travel friday.

my week is busy but its not about money making its about getting things in order visiting my sick friend and making sure hes getting the right attention to heal. these pagan folk dont really like modern stuff. I have to admit that things are feeling very weird  5 foodbanks now in the toiwn 3 miles away have seen a 76% rise in need..

whilst people begin to starve to death our government are giving billions away that are unaccounted for  to africa iran iraq and other very dubious places with nasty people in them but hey lets gove them another few billion soend on weapons of destruction and lets teach them all english so they can come here.

its getting very close is the revolution of peasants the divide between south and north is getting very wide and northen folks do not like how they are being treated even working people are struggling so for business here its bad times we are not making money we have lots of people  but no sales 
I plan to take with me some kit to sell make some money whilst away.


Posted by Ethne on July 27, 2013 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

We spent a nice day at Thornton surveying what needed doing to the land we are permitted to use by the owner for training ground which is very nice of Ian to do so. But he is a member so we will just say Ta ..

We walked to the fields there is 5 acres of this land. Which Ian has a project in mind for some of it. However he did say we could have a Viking hall there if we can get the funding in place to build it.

We went to see the old Sun inn a very old worldly place closed and bought by Ian a while ago anyway it needs a few skips to get rid of rubbish so we can make it a nice private hall to hold parties and a banquet which is my idea.

But I want a Viking banquet once or twice a year so I want a high table and two side tables in Viking style. Plus Mead of course now we need to brew this so that’s 6 months brewing time . in the mean time we aim to get the wiring sorted and the pumps running and buy in some real ale.

When its cleared it can be painted to look nice but we may need to get planning permission for any changes we want to the intenal areas. Most of it is clearing it out. Then we can hold a garage sale to sell unwanted items.

I will take photos to show how we are getting on with this project as I have rounded up another volunteer for August

So we begin Tomorrow



Posted by Ethne on November 21, 2012 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)
Now members have kit some kit thats ok we need to focus over winter at getting the rest of your kitsorted because you will need pass kit check before you can do a show Shoes are very important and worth paying for I suggest you look for shoes with a good leather sole on them and remember you need to wear socks I will teach you how to nailbind them but in the meantime woollen socks will do . Cloaks are essential mineare made from two wollen blankets stitched together then turned out. We also need you over winter to procur for yourselvez bowls drinking horns cups and spoons asxwell as a sharp knife and wooden cutting board we have found much stuff locally you then need a chest in which to place your stuff. So you are always ready to go . We are doing craft training sessions over winter so you can learn some of the crafts you can also learn these at training weekend I will get dates for you so u can choose what events you can go to. We need to attend training weekend as this is where you can choose what weapon you want to use in battle. We want to go the re-ebactors fayre in march as we can buy stuff there we need. I plan on gettinga few things I need myself. About kit I would like to say that the colours you are allowed goes with rank having said this it was always ths rule that the owner of slaves fed clothed and sheltered them so it would not be unusual to see a slave in a red dresz but for thralls colours are normally pale yellows cremes and greens browns beiges I have a chart of all the colours and how they are made. I will also show u some herbal mixes that make nice colours nature has everything we need However in winter mych is buried or withered away so a wash in dye is acceptable. You need pouchez simple ones to start u can buy better later on once you have a full set of kit. You then build up your wardrobe by making more better class stuff. Now we are into barteringservicez here so any skill you have can be bartered against another. For example I sewn dressez for two members they pay me either in goldsilver or in embrodery for my new drezz and marks new kirtel a fair trade I think.

Scroggling the holy

Posted by Ethne on November 20, 2012 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

haworth has its own particular events that help fund the village scroggling the holy meeting was today  it was a bit disorgansied with kids running about this year we are short of boys so the only 2 were picked as escorts to the holy queen, she had two handmaidens and the crown and the church gates key is held by her attendants.

scouring out training ground

Posted by Ethne on November 19, 2012 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (2)

Yesterday the village was full to bursting with coach loads of tourists from america japan all over england and not as full as 1940 but still full it was freezing cold but wool is warm round ere we dont do stuff by alfs we go full out to prepare for yule thechurch gates are now covered in holly & ivy so u cant see through it a lot of the local traditions are pagan and stem back to the old ways of the folk here abouts its very obvious in what goes on that many aspects are not christian. From scroggling the holy to the goddezs rite with the holyking allowing winter into the village everythingexcepting nativity ends at the church gates last year I asked why to the gates the answer was an arrangement going back agez it jyst what we does ere. Thought best not probe too deep till I knew more locals like a conversation yesterday about goblins coming outwen veil thinning now that I know about but goblins I have seen here they sneak in from keighley causing trouble on friday nights too much Skull splitter int them to have sense get thee home. Well our purpose yesterday was to scout out a good training ground so we slipped through the church ground i to graveyard andout back along the track covered in leaves rotting back into the soil feeding the rich earth then doubling back on and around the allotments and then right Right there two good stretches of ground great for our needs

yorkshire dilect

Posted by Ethne on November 13, 2012 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)
It appears that the vikings not only entered via northumbria but down from scotland via river thor into the network of pathways. And down via york into the small crofts and villages turning the best sites into thriving trading posts. Thurso being one of themas well as wick pronounced with a v not w. As they needed to trade the dropped the endings from words so our dialect Is oft the same for example yesterday the conversation with the delivery man. That thre thng aint going int thre lass it jus aint going to go int door ole. So u see in yorkshire we automatically slip into the ole way o speak g when faced wi someat old or somun talkng that ways..many words are still used ere today and no the way I am writing is not terrible english its not meant to be its the way the vikings altered the words to be able yo trade as they travelled The purpose is to say many words we use may have come from various places as I doubt ther aint no englsh ere or abouts as they may be mxed wi saxone viking norman celt picts and wh knows what else flwed downt rivers. Aye and nay are used here. A lot.