Ulfhednar Vikingr England                            

                                                                                                                Based in Haworth West Yorkshire


Welcome to the online presence of Ulfhednar vikingsif you are interested in what we do please fill out the contact form and tell us what it is you would want So we can open up discussions and pull together what  are your needs.

We now train every sunday in the field opposite the sun inn at Thornton West yorkshire  we are there from around 11am till 2pm when we go the pub.

Lord Ulfstan Ragnar of mercia taking a prisoner to the judgment Tutbury Castle 2012. in this scene I was being taken before the Lord and this man was my last warrior. they had injured him and then dragged him into the village .  the judgment was that my warrior fought for my life and his own. this is just one of the themes of acting at shows we can do. thier are many many more areas we can cover.

 This is Thurso just a short hop accross the water to the Orkneys which was a staging place for Viking raids. Thurso means Thors river it became a viking settlement as did  Wick which means vilage by water it became a good trading place. The views here are beautiful and with it being so close to the Orkneys its easy to see how it was done in three stages Denmark to Orkneys then orkneys to Thurso and down the river thor, That blur you see in the photo is the Orkney Islands  Below is my favourite part of the 13th warrior  the best film in my opinion that shows an arab with the vikings together.